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The world’s first “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” for coordinating ideas, people, & crypto to solve humanity’s biggest problems.

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How it Works

We connect ideas, people, & money together in new ways to work on moonshot projects.

Contribute your unique skills & knowledge to earn cryptocurrencies.

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Time for Moonshots

The amount of people, ideas, & money organized to fight COVID-19 is unprecedented. Advances were made in biotech & distributed collaboration that enabled new ways to think about innovation.

Imagine the same passion & focus we had during the pandemic, but coordinated around solving the biggest problems on our planet. Could we cure cancer? End child hunger? Eliminate poverty?

We’re starting with projects in the following domains:


No one should go without basic healthcare, clean water, and nutritious food. We aim to build a decentralized health R&D fund to meet these needs.

  • Personalized healthcare
  • Own & control your data

  • Get paid to get healthier


Everyone needs a roof, bed, and clean water to live optimally. We will leverage 3D printing, material science, and robotics to build houses 10x cheaper & 10x faster.

  • Zero energy
  • Resists natural disasters
  • Safe, healthy, & beautiful


Everyone should be able to learn whatever they want and apply it to earn income. We will cultivate the best online learning methods and scale to people who want it.

  • Personalized learning
  • STEM focus
  • Pay good teachers way more


We’re all on this spinning rock together. It’s time we treat Earth better and start leveraging renewable energy.

  • Solar/Wind/Water

  • Nuclear/Fission/Biochemical

  • Geothermal


We all should be able to store wealth securely away from governments. We’ll combine the best money legos to jumpstart financial prosperity.

  • Freedom dividend

  • Global $Citizenship

  • Universal Basic Income


Are you happy with your government? We have a unique opportunity to rethink governance and build something better.

  • Best ideas win

  • Your voice & vote counts

  • People first, always

Crypto for Social Impact

Citizen DAO is powered by Ethereum and the best of DeFi, NFTs, & Social Tokens. Think of this as a “Citizenship for the Metaverse” where you can support your favorite humanitarian causes in a gamified way using cryptoeconomics.

  • Mint Impact Bonds to support humanitarian missions

  • Create tradeable “wellbeing” indexes

  • Share knowledge & contribute skill to earn CDAO

Fork the UN

If the United Nations was a project on GitHub, we’d fork it to create something new like the “United Citizens.” 

Transparent. Fully decentralized. Owned & controlled by the people. That’s Citizen DAO.

We think this way is better 😎

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Countries Supported

We’re here to help every square inch of planet Earth (and Mars).


People to Help

From birth to death, we’re aiming to improve the quality of our lives.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

Buckminster Fuller
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Want to collaborate?

We’re an open innovation community with active working groups on a variety of topics such as health, biotech, energy, governance, AI/tech, legal, economics, and more. No matter your expertise or availability, we welcome everyone interested.

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